Project Description

Home Sweet Home Course

Is housetraining your puppy or rescue dog an epic struggle? Let us show you simple techniques and easy-to-follow schedules, so your dog learns to potty where you want, not on your rug. Do you feel guilty every time your dog whines in his crate? We’ll teach you how to train your dog to love his crate so you can finish the laundry with peace of mind (and an unscathed sofa). Ready to save your house from new dog destruction and your floors from pee and poop? Check the Course Details to see how this course will help you.

What You’ll Get When You Buy This Course

  • House training plans including feeding schedules, supervision advice, cleaning strategies, and more.
  • Housebreaking log so you get on the right track, quickly.
  • Small dog guidance on choosing the right indoor potty training tool (pads, paper, sod, artificial turf, and more) and how to use them for maximum improvement.
  • The Ring-a-Ding-Ding technique— train your rescue dog to ring a bell to go outside.
  • Troubleshooting advice, sometimes accidents aren’t a house training issue. Gain professional insight on urinary tract and parasite infections, separation (and other types of) anxiety, fear, excitement, and submissive urination that cause inappropriate urination and defecation.
  • Crate training tips and techniques to prevent accidents, including real-time training videos and handouts with real dogs (just like yours).
  • Alternative solutions when crating isn’t possible—using exercise pens and gated areas to reduce accidents immediately.
  • Innovative crate games, great for puppies and rescue dogs who need extra encouragement to love confinement in their crates.
  • Tips for choosing the right crate for your dog, succeed faster by finding the right fit.
  • Alternative solutions when crating isn’t possible—using exercise pens, gated areas, and other confinement options.
  • Critical information about how long you should crate your dog.

Home Sweet Home for $79.95



We care deeply about helping to ease your dog’s separation anxiety, that’s why we’ve included love-being-alone exercises in all our courses. However, dogs suffering from serious separation anxiety require a direct, one-on-one training approach.

Take this quiz to find the best solution for your dog’s separation anxiety.