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Home Sweet Home

Is housetraining your puppy or rescue dog an epic struggle? Let us show you simple techniques and easy-to-follow schedules, so your dog learns to potty where you want, not on your rug. Ready to save your floors from pee and poop? Click to see how this course will help you.



Adult Dog Training for Better Behavior

Are you frustrated because your rescue dog pulls on leash, jumps on everyone, and only sits sporadically? We’ll guide you through useful first day and week exercises, troubleshooting bothersome behavior like housetraining and chewing issues, and what to do if your dog isn’t listening. Plus, we’ll show you how to teach vital behaviors like leash walking, coming when called, relaxing while you eat dinner, and more.



Puppy Training Fast Track

Are you frustrated because your puppy constantly bites (everything and everyone), pees in your house, and cries when crated, but short on time and cash? Our Puppy Training Fast-Track Course is for you! We’ve included core exercises from our Puppy Training Full Course but discounted them, so you enjoy success and save money. Our training courses are great for all puppies, not just former shelter residents.


Let us rescue you from the burden of unwanted behavior with our proven techniques and cost-effective courses, available immediately, anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Rescue My Rescue, I’m Susan Marett.

I understand the struggle between sympathizing with your dog’s not-so-great past while also wondering if you can handle his antics. As a dedicated dog trainer who cares enough about your success to maintain multiple professional certifications, let me help you experience the excitement, those happy moments, that come when your dog’s behavior progresses with our positive, practical training techniques. Allow Heather and I to immediately impact your dog’s behavior, and your life, with our effective programs.


• Professional Dog Trainer since 1999
Purely Positive in Charleston, SC — Owner and Head Trainer
• Kids and Dogs Summer Camp Co-Founder
• Living and Learning with Animals, Professional Course – Utah State University
• My dogs have earned AKC Rally Obedience titles, USDAA Agility titles, and Therapy Dog Certifications

• APDT: Association of Pet Dog Trainers Member
• CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed
• CSAT: Certified Separation Anxiety Specialist
• PPG: Pet Professional Guild Member
• FFPE: Family Paws Parent Education Licensed Presenter (Dogs & Toddlers and Dogs & Stork programs]

I’m Heather Moore, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I know how stressful it is when behavior problems arise, but I commend you for taking a chance and changing your dog’s life (perhaps even saving it). Let me help you improve your dog’s behavior with methods derived from years of positive dog training, fostering, rescue group, and shelter experience. Susan and I created our affordable, online rescue dog training courses because we want you to have immediate access to programs that will make all the difference in your life—just like you did for your dog when you rescued him.


• Professional Dog Trainer since 2001
Wag It Better in Murfreesboro, TN — Owner and Head Trainer
• Middle Tennessee Treasures Rescue – Co-Founder and Board Member
• Operation Education Rescue – Training Consultant
• Kids and Dogs Summer Camp Co-Founder
• Certified Rescue Waggin’ – Evaluator
• Bedford County Animal Control – Dog Volunteer and Grant Writer
• Foster Dog Parent to 30 dogs (and counting)
• My dogs have earned AKC Rally Obedience Novice and Advanced titles and Therapy Dog Certifications.

• APDT: Association of Pet Dog Trainers member
• CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed
• PPG: Pet Professional Guild Member

” Rescue My Rescue is a resource like none other to current and future dog owners. It takes the guess work out of training and provides detailed insight on how you can work with your dog in the comfort of your own home at anytime of day. I am excited to share this resource with current and future adopters as I feel this will be a great tool to have on hand for all stages of their dog’s life and development. ”

Kelsey Holzer, Co-founder of Rebellion Dog Rescue

” Rescue my rescue is a wonderful resource for the new dog owner. The courses give clear information on how to bring a puppy or dog into the household, management, schedules, training and more. The videos demonstrate techniques using a variety of puppies/dogs. I love that the course not only uses videos but offers written material so you can review instructions as well. These courses offer lots of good training information in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend Rescue my rescue! ”

Cathy Johnson, CPDT-KA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you view the videos more than once during the course?2020-01-29T03:42:14+00:00

Yes, you have unlimited access to all videos and all written materials as soon as you purchase the course.

What if I have a question while I’m working with my dog?2020-01-29T03:44:47+00:00

Join us on our private Facebook page to ask questions, share success stories, or just meet people that are having the same struggles that you are with your pup.

My dog is over a year old. Which course should I take?2020-01-29T03:45:13+00:00

Our Adult Dog Training for Better Behavior would be perfect for you and your pup.

Do you have info to help me before I bring my dog home?2020-01-29T03:45:38+00:00

YES! We have a video specifically for you about the first day with your new pup. Its filled with information about what to bring with you when you adopt him, and what to have ready when you return home.

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