Adult Dog Training for Better Behavior


Are you frustrated because your rescue dog pulls on leash, jumps on everyone, and only sits sporadically? We’ll guide you through useful first day and week exercises, troubleshooting bothersome behavior like housetraining and chewing issues, and what to do if your dog isn’t listening. Plus, we’ll show you how to teach vital behaviors like leash walking, coming when called, relaxing while you eat dinner, and more.


Puppy Training Fast Track


Are you frustrated because your puppy constantly bites (everything and everyone), pees in your house, and cries when crated, but short on time and cash? Our Puppy Training Fast-Track Course is for you! We’ve included core exercises from our Puppy Training Full Course but discounted them, so you enjoy success and save money. Our training courses are great for all puppies, not just former shelter residents.